Lofe on Minesweeper by Pavel Legonkov

Lofe on Minesweeper 08/10/2016 Photo by Pavel Legonkov.

Zolan Quobble (voice) is a pre-Apples and Snakes performance poet, described as ‘fractal rap’, ‘true beat’, and ‘shamanic’. He was the voice of One True Dog and is the voice of Rabbidog and Dodmen. Quobble co-founded The Deptford Urban Free Festival when Secretary of the South East London Music Collective. He has 2 books U-I Poems and The Tooth Agenda.

Elwell (bass guitar) played keyboard with the unsurpassable Brain of Morbius. He is guitarist and keyboard player in the comic, two-piece, anarchic eruption that is the Bert Shaft Orchestra and was the bass player in One True Dog. He played electronic percussion in the industrially ambient Foul Geese, and is the man behind Shopping Trolley Promotions. He is a founder member of Silo SE8 Studio and was at the beginning of the South East London Music Collective.

Nik The Deks, DJ & Producer who played at the now legendary Drum&Bass nights of the Goldsmith Tavern, has a weekly show on NakeDBeatZ Radio every Sunday from 6-8pm playing EDM, Drum&Bass, Jungle and Break-Core. Among his collaborations are works with Joe Oldfield & Reiner Cole (live Drum&Bass), Peter Rockmount (Furby-Core) and various members of the now defunct Gabber-Karaoke. He plays, guitar, bass, drums, synth and FX using Ableton Live, Cubase and Massive.

Lofe Spit Wine Album Photo by Pavel Legonkov



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